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D&B Supply 4-H/FFA Discount Program Application Form

A picture of a baby goat drinking from a bottle. Text on the image reads, 4h ffa discount program.

Get 10-percent Off for Your 4-H or FFA Animal Project

  1. This D&B Supply 4-H/FFA discount program is for tack, feed and vet supplies for your current animal project.
  2. The 4-H/FAA discount is valid for one year. Please reapply annually.
  3. The discount does not apply to items that are already on sale.
  4. This discount is limited to merchandise that can be picked up at a D&B Supply location in Idaho or Oregon.
  5. By participating in this discount program, the 4-H/FFA member's parents agree to receive the D&B Supply email newsletter.
  6. Per the Idaho Tax Commission, supplies for 4-H and FFA projects are taxable.
  7. This discount does not apply to businesses and may not be used for business purchases.
  8. The form must be completed by the member's parent or guardian. By completing this form, you attest to its accuracy.