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Greenies Feline Dental Salmon Flavor Cat Treats 2.5-oz

Item #DBS_892641


<html><p>In an effort to help cats maintain good dental health, Greenies Feline Dental Salmon Flavor Cat Treats have a crunchy texture to help reduce tartar and plaque build up! The perfect daily dental treat to keep your cat’s teeth in check!</p><br /><h3>Why We Love It</h3><ul><li>Unique shape and texture to help reduce tartar!</li><li>Can be fed daily for optimal dental support!</li><li>Made in the USA</li></ul><p><br><h3>About Greenies</h3><p>Proudly made in Kansas City since 1996, Greenies are the premier dental treat for dogs and cats in the USA. By cleaning the teeth and gums, freshening breath, and digesting easily because they are made from natural ingredients, Greenies continue to be loved by dogs and cats, along with their owners and veterinarians alike. With different sizes, flavors, and types including grain-free, blueberry, mint, breathbusters and more, every dog and cat will be smiling around the house, flashing their pearly white teeth and healthy gums. </p></p></html>