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PYRANTELCARE™ DAILY DEWORMER 2.11% Farnam (pyrantel tartrate) Equine Anthelmintic Medicated for Continuous Feeding For the prevention of Strongylus vulgaris larval infestation in horses For control of the following parasites in horses: LARGE STRONGYLES (adults) - S. vulgaris, S. edentatus SMALL STRONGYLES (adults and fourth-stage larvae) - Cyathostomum spp., Cylicocyclus spp., Cylicostephanus spp., Cylicodontophorus spp., Poteriostomum spp., Triodontophorus spp. PINWORMS (adults and fourth-stage larvae) - Oxyuris equi ASCARIDS (adults and fourth-stage larvae) - Parascaris equorum NGREDIENTS: Brewers dried yeast, brewers dried grains, dehydrated alfalfa meal, wheat middlings, natural and artificial flavors, propionic acid (preservative) Approved by FDA under ANADA # 200-168 MIXING AND FEEDING DIRECTIONS: PyrantelCare™ Daily Dewormer 2.11% (pyrantel tartrate) is to be administered on a continuous basis either as a top-dress or mixed in the horse’s daily grain ration at the rate of 1.2 mg pyrantel tartrate per pound of body weight daily. To achieve this dose, administer 0.5 oz. (1/2 scoop) of PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% per 250 lb. of body weight. (For example, a 1,000 lb. horse requires 2 oz. or two scoops. See Top-Dress Directions.) Please note that the measuring cup is different in size and shape from the PyrantelCare™ Daily Dewormer 1.06% measuring cup due to the higher concentration of PyrantelCare™ Daily Dewormer 2.11%. PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% should be administered for the entire period that the animal is at risk to internal parasites. Unprotected animals that have grazed may already have an established S. vulgaris larval infestation. Before administering PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11%, these animals should be treated with a therapeutic dose of a larvicidal product. Foals may be administered PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% as soon as consistent intake of grain mix is occurring. This is generally between 2 to 3 months of age. PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11% may be used in mares at any stage of pregnancy or lactation. Stallion fertility is not affected by the use of PyrantelCare™ dewormer 2.11%. CAUTION: Consult your veterinarian before using in severely debilitated animals and for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism. Do not mix in feeds containing bentonite. Store at or below 25º C (77º F). WARNING: Do not use in horses intended for human consumption