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Self Drilling Insulator

Item #DBS_986508


The Zareba Duralator is a polycarbonate-plastic electric fence insulator that enables you to attach electrified wires to a wood post without concerns about losing energy. The Duralator will also help you maintain the current throughout your electric fence line while reducing the potential for short circuiting. This self-drilling screw-in insulator is compatible with many different wire types, including aluminum, steel, polywire, polyrope, and even high tensile wire. Made in the USA from heavy-duty plastic, the Duralator is as tough as steel and lasts longer than standard porcelain insulators. Youll be able to install your electric fence insulators quickly and easily, with or without using power tools. Specifications: • Large, durable, screw-in insulator for use with electric fencing • Can be used with steel wire, aluminum wire, polyrope, and polywire (not recommended for polytape) • Easily installs with a power tool in just 10 seconds • White with a porcelain look; as strong as steel, more durable than porcelain • Measures 1-4/5 by 1-4/5 by 5 inches; weighs 3-2/5 ounces