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DeWalt 1-3/4 Inch 9-Gauge Galvanized Barbed Fencing Staples 960-Pack DFS9175B1G

Item #DBS_2032910


The DeWalt Galvanized Fencing Staples are for the DCFS950 cordless fencing stapler. The staples have a divergent point tip, single barb legs with an adhesive coating, a galvanized zinc-aluminum coating, and come in three different sizes. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

  • Three sizes
    • 1-1/2 inches
    • 1-3/4 inches
    • 2-inches
  • 9-Gauge
  • Zinc-aluminum coating
  • Paper tape collation
  • Divergent point tips
  • Barbed staple with adhesive coating
  • Quantity: 960 Staples
  • Fastener length: 1-3/4 inches