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DeWalt 1-Inch Insulated Cable Staples 540-Pack

Item #DBS_2032076


The DeWalt Insulated Cable Staples are for the DeWalt (DCN701) Cordless Cable Stapler and adhere to the National Electrical Code. This staple can be driven in manually with a hammer in tight spaces.

  • UL Listed (406A)
  • Compliant with the National Electrical Code
  • Use in DeWalt DCN701 20V MAX Cordless Cable Stapler
  • UL approved for single or double stacked Romex (NM Sheathed Cable) and MC (Metal Clad) cable
  • 540 Staples per box
  • 1-inch Leg length with 3/4-inch Plastic insulated crown
  • Suitable for low voltage cables:
    • CAT3
    • CAT5
    • Coax