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Stihl KombiMotor KM 131 R

Item #DBS_956665


This versatile landscaping system provides professionals and homeowners the ability to switch out the perfect tool for the job quickly and efficiently without ever needing to dig out more motors to fuel or maintain. The STIHL KM 131 R Kombi Motor is the most powerful in the STIHL KombiSystem family and features a low-emission engine, delivering 30% longer run times compared to previous models. It’s compatible with over a dozen KombiSystem attachments, giving you incredible utility in a fraction of the trailer space compared to stand-alone tools. The KM 131 R is also easy to operate, featuring a semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop switch, anti-vibration system and a specially designed quick-release coupling system for easy switching between attachments. Built in the USA using domestic and imported parts and components.

  • Anti-Vibration system
  • Multi-Function control handle
  • Loop handle that is adjustable
  • Quick-Release coupling makes switching tools easy
  • Fully-enclosed electronic ignition module keeps the system clean and provides more reliable starting