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Stihl KombiMotor KM 56 RC-E

Item #DBS_986594


The STIHL Km 56 RC-E Kombi Motor features a low-emission STIHL engine that delivers both power and fuel efficiency. The KM 56 RC-E and its optional STIHL KombiSystem attachments are great for a wide range of jobs around the yard, from trimming and cutting, to edging and clearing. The Easy2Start™ system will make starting your STIHL outdoor power tool almost effortless. Attachments sold separately. Built in the USA using domestic and imported parts and components.

  • Loop handle that is adjustable to fit to your comfort
  • Stihl Easy2Start™ helps make starting effortless
  • Quick-release coupling makes it easy to switch between the various attachments
  • Fully enclosed Electronic Ignition Module keeps the system clean and provides more reliable starting