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GREAT STUFF Window And Door 12-Ounces

Item #DBS_2037412


The GREAT STUFF Window And Door is a minimal-expanding polyurethane foam that fills, seals, and insulates windows and doors. It forms a durable, airtight, and water-resistant seal.

  • Size: 12-Ounces
  • Polyurethane insulating foam
  • Will not bow window frames
  • Expands and contracts
  • Fills 4 to 6 residential windows with a 12-oz can
    • 36-Inches x 60-inches, A 3/8-inch Gap, 1-inch Deep
  • Repels and deflects water
  • Soft and pliable
  • Tack-free in 5 to 15-minutes
  • Trims in 60-minutes
  • All-direction dispensing
  • Paint it, stain it, sand it
  • UL Classified
  • Conforms to ASTM and AAMA standards