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KAP-IT Riser 10-Pack

Item #DBS_1041226


The KAP-IT Riser lets you raise a sprinkler without digging! The riser fits on a majority of standard sprinkler heads and does not change the original mechanics. It is for the homeowner and professional use!

Expose the top of the sprinkler head and unscrew the nozzle.

Add the stem extender and slide the cap extender over the stem and snap it down onto the existing cap.

Reattach the nozzle and line it up!

You can add more than one and use it to unscrew the canister cap.

  • 10-Pack
  • Saves time and labor
  • Stackable
  • No change to the original head structure or mechanics
  • Gets rid of dirt in the lines
  • Made in America
  • Quick, simple, and no digging
  • Raise the sprinkler from the top