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AquaVet® Algae Control 32oz

Item #DBS_1034483


ALGAECIDE AND HERBICIDE TREATMENT FOR KILLING FLOATING, SUBMERGED AND PLANKTONIC ALGAE IN PONDS/LAKES Spring application. Algae forming on the bottom of pond & water temperature above 60 degrees. 30 day residual suspension using Stabitrol technology to aid in control of Algae. 1 Gallon + 9 gallons of water/acre will contact kill algae. (See label chart for specific algae type). DO NOT treat more than 1/4-1/3 of the surface area of pond at one time to avoid Oxygen depletion due to vegetation death. Wait 7-10 days between treatments. Re-treatment during season will be needed. Treat when algae is in early stages. 100% safe for water use immediately. SYMPTOMS:
  • Microscopic algae
  • Filamentous algae
  • Chara algae — submerged and rooted
  • Unpleasant odor
DIAGNOSIS: Requires treatments to control floating, submerged (chara) and microscopic (planktonic) algae blooms and pond weeds. Treat with ONE GALLON per acre foot of water. See label instructions for heavy algae blooms. FREQUENCY: CURATIVE- Treat promptly when algae is present. MAINTENANCE- Every 30 days in peak algae season.