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Standlee Alfalfa/Timothy Premium Chop 40lb

Item #DBS_1023664


Premium Chopped Alfalfa/Timothy is manufactured by cutting Standlee Premium Western Forage® into uniform 2-4" pieces. A small amount of canola oil is added to the chopped forage to control any potential dust. This mix combines two of the most popular forages fed to horses in a blend that is moderate to low in protein and sugar.

Standlee Premium Western Chopped Forage is high quality forage that has been cut into small pieces. Standlee Premium Western Chopped Forage is often fed mixed with the grain portion of the diet to slow the rate of intake of grain. It is also utilized as a highly palatable carrier for medications for sick animals. If Standlee Premium Western Chopped Forage is utilized as the sole forage source, feed Standlee Premium Western Chopped Forage at a minimum rate of 1.5% of body weight per day. Gradually replace existing hay with Standlee Premium Western Forage® over a 7-10 day period. Replace existing hay on a 1 to 1 basis with Standlee Premium Western Forage™ . If Standlee Premium Western Chopped Forage is being fed to replace only a portion of the hay in the diet, gradually remove the desired amount of hay and add the same weight of Standlee Premium Western Chopped Forage. Never feed moldy or insect infested forage to horses. Always provide free-access to fresh, clean water. If you have questions, please contact the nutritionists at Standlee Premium Western Forage® , or consult with your veterinarian.

Consumer to verify all product information on label before use.