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Equine Super Supplement A LMF

Item #DBS_895085


The Equine Super Supplement is palatable pellets that are a complete horse supplement containing essential trace minerals and vitamins. The supplement also contains balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus to ensure adequate intake and proper ratio of calcium to phosphorus. This super supplement is the “low intake” product.

Feed the “A” formulas when the diet is composed of more than 50% alfalfa forage. Feed along with the free choice of iodized salt.

Feeding Directions

  • An excellent supplement for adult horses on a maintenance diet as the sole supplement. A horse that needs a little grain in their feed to maintain proper body weight.
  • Feed at the rate of 1lb per day (based on 1000 lb. body weight) along with hay. As a mineral/vitamin “balancer.” Mix the supplement with unfortified grains (oats or “COB”) to ensure an intake of 1lb of the supplement per day (based on 1000 lbs. body weight).
  • Use the supplement for performance horses as a vitamin and mineral balancer pellet along with unfortified grains (such as oats) to ensure one 1lb of the super supplement per day (based on a 1000 lb horse).
  • Use the supplement for pregnant mares that tend to become overweight if fed an appropriate amount of grain. Feed at the rate of 1lb per day (based on 1000 lb. body weight).
  • For mares in early gestation, as a total supplemental feed, or along with unfortified grains. Feed the mare 1lb of the supplement per day (based on 1000 lb horse).
  • Use as a therapeutic feed for weanlings that have the symptoms of Development Orthopedic Disease (DOD). Feed at a rate of 0.3 lbs per 100 lbs body weight per day, do not exceed 1.5 lbs per day.