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Redmond Selenium 90 Trace Mineral Salt 50lb

Item #DBS_1029796


Redmond Selenium 90—a premium sea salt with naturally occurring essential trace minerals. Selenium 90 is also fortified with added selenium (90ppm), copper, manganese, cobalt, iodine, and zinc. Selenium 90 is the most popular size for sheep operations but can be used for any large animals. This product is free of chemical processing, preferred by livestock, and helps animals maintain a normal function. Its natures perfect balance to nourish your livestock. Selenium 90 comes from an ancient sea salt deposit and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals.
  • Health and Production - do better on Redmonds Selenium 90
  • Preferred by livestock - animals instinctively crave salt that has naturally occurring trace minerals
  • No chemical processing - Unrefined