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NatureWise All Flock Crumble Chicken Feed 40-Lbs

Item #DBS_1021190


The Nutrena NatureWise All Flock 20% Crumble Feed is a premium crumble with natural nutrition for mixed flocks.

  • Protein: 20%
  • Fat: 2-1/2%
  • Fiber: 6%
  • Weight: 40-lbs
  • Flock supper- FlockShield
  • For Mixed Flocks (Older than 7 weeks old):
    • Layers
    • Broilers
    • Turkeys
    • Ducks
    • Geese
    • Pheasants
  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials)

Keep feeders clean and full at all times. Make fresh, clean water available at all times. Always offer free-choice oyster shell and grit in separate containers.