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Lamb Milk Replacer 24/30 25 lb

Item #DBS_1027321


Milk Replacer is a fully formulated complete first feed for lambs. It provides the entire nutritional requirements of the baby lamb from its second day of life through to weaning.

Mixing DIrections

Mix at a rate of two lbs of Milk Replacer per gallon of water or two cups* with one quart of water.

Mix the powder in a half quantity of water at 110°F and then dilute to volume and feed at 100°F.

Feeding Directions

1. Ensure that the baby lamb receives colostrums during its first 12 hours of life.

2. For best results, mix milk replacer with cold water and offer ad libitum to lambs through a suitable nipple feeder. Milk should be available at all times.

3. For hand-feeding with a nipple bottle or restricted feeding offer warm milk at 100°F. Offer three to six feedings per day of warm milk during the first two weeks of life and then two feedings per day. Never offer more than half a pint per feeding.

4. Provide good quality lamb creep at three to six days of age and restrict hay intake to the amount a lamb will eat in an hour.

5. Wean lambs at a minimum of 30 days and weighing at least 25 lbs.