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Nutrena NatureWise 18% Pelleted Performace Rabbit Feed 40 lb

Item #DBS_1025681


Natural nutrition for all rabbits supports growth and good health. Feed to herd bucks, dry does, pregnant does, does nursing young, and young developing rabbits.

Feeding Directions

  • Does Kindling: Two to three oz per doe per day. Increase gradually by one oz per doe per day to free choice feeding within four to five days
  • Lactating Does: Feed free choice
  • Gestating Does: Four to six oz per doe per day
  • Weaned Bunnies: Feed free choice
  • Dry Does and Bucks: Four to six oz per head per day

Feed by weight - not by volume.

The pellets may be self-fed - that is, kept before the animals at all times or hand-fed. Self-feeding is for does with litters to help reduce labor and achieve rapid growth, and for weaned bunnies.

If hand-feeding, the number of feedings per day is a matter of preference. It is necessary to feed the animals the same amount of times each day at approximately the same time.

It is not necessary to feed hay with Pellets. Feed high-quality hay. Hay must be fine-stemmed, leafy, green in color, well cured, and free from mildew or mold. Alfalfa, clover, sweet clover, lespedeza, soybean, and peanut hay are suitable. Cutting the hay into three to four-inch lengths will help avoid waste.

Provide plenty of fresh, clean water and salt blocks or salt spools at all times.