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Purina Rabbit Chow Show Pellet 50 lb

Item #DBS_926637



Completely balanced corn-free diet specially formulated to promote proper development, vibrant fur, reproduction. This food contains added vegetable oils for advanced fur quality and designed for enthusiasts who raise and show rabbits. We are proud to have partnered with many award-winning rabbit owners.

Daily Feeding Amount

  • Small Breed (2 to 3 lbs) 2 to 3 oz per day
  • Medium Breed (3 to 6 lbs) 3 to 7 oz per day
  • Large Breed (6 to 10 lbs) 4 to 10 oz per day
  • Giant Breed (10+ lbs) 6 to 10+ oz per day

*Control feed rabbits during the first three months of life to avoid digestive upsets. Adult pet rabbits tend to overeat and lose body condition by becoming too heavy. Therefore, adjust the feeding rate to maintain a healthy weight. Does will need more food (even full feed if her litter is large) to maintain body condition during lactation. Check weight and body condition of rabbits regularly.*