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Honda 2 In Water Pump WB20

Item #DBS_884831


The durable Honda GX series commercial grade engine is easy to start and provides ample power for the harshest conditions. It is equipped with an exclusive, Honda-designed 4 vane impeller that offers improved performance, and high efficiency. The volute is made of rigid cast iron to reduce the case wear and increases the life of the pump. Heavy-duty full-frame protected and also offers a convenient tie-down location for transport.

  • General purpose, centrifugal 2 in pump
  • 164 Gal/min capacity
  • Honda Oil Alert® system shuts down the engine when low oil is detected
  • Large strainer allows up to 5/16 in solids to pass through to help prevent clogging
  • Durable silicon carbide mechanical seal
  • Isolation mounted engine & pump helps to minimize vibration to keep the pump from walking