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Classic Equine Tool Box Bit

Item #DBS_2035101


The Equibrand Classic Equine Antique Cavalry Shank Ported Twisted Wire Bit is for a finished performance horse or a tough-mouthed, older horse. Use the bit for schooling a horse that is not responding to a lighter bit, to collect, and break at the poll. Do not use the bit for everyday training. The purchase/shank ratio increases leverage, and the calvary-designed shank will get you a quicker response from the horse. Each side of the mouthpiece moves independently from the other to enhance lateral control and flexion.

  • 8-Inch
  • Shank: 5-1/2 inches
  • Square port hinge is versatile and accepted by most horses
  • Achieve collectiveness
  • For trainers and horsemen
  • Encourages a level headset