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Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Pet Foods was founded in 1989 with the philosophy of providing pets and their owners The Food For a Lifetime. The company's goal was to create pet food based on sound scientific principles and nutritional truths. We are proud to offer a wide selection of premium dog and cat foods that are used and respected worldwide by top trainers, rescues and caring pet owners who want the very best for their pets.

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Buy with Confidence - Safety Testing

Watch Steve Lunetta and the Natural Balance team talk about the importance of testing our pet food. Visit to find out about the nine safety tests we do on every batch of pet food.

At Natural Balance the health and safety of pets is our first priority. Not only are Natural Balance products made from the finest ingredients, but they are extensively tested for safety through the Natural Balance Buy With Confidence program. Every production run of Natural Balance Pet Foods is tested for nine known contaminants before distribution so that you can "Buy With Confidence" and know that your pet’s food is tested.

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