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2j Output Fencer 50 Miles

Item #DBS_911565


This fence charger helps control animals even if your fence line has a lot of weeds. The Blitzer 50 Mile AC Low Impedence Fence Charger can be used to help control all types of animals, even predators. It powers all types of fences, including high tensile, poly wire and poly tape in heavy weed conditions. This AC-powered charger maintains maximum energy on the fence and delivers safe, effective high-voltage shocks with digital timing. Features include fuseless design, moisture-resistant internal components, an indicator light that shows charger is working, and a rugged, weather-resistant case. 2-joule output at 75-ohm, 115-volt, 60 cycle, pulsed output (1-second intervals). This fencer uses 10 to 18 gauge wire and is UL listed. Comes with a 2-year warranty that includes damage caused by lightning. 3 year warranty when registered on-line with proof of purchase Specifications: • AC-powered charger for all types of electric fences, including high tensile, polywire, and polytape • 50-mile range; delivers safe, effective, high-voltage shocks to deter animals • Handles heavily weeded conditions; low-impedance design maintains maximum energy on the fence • Fence OK indicator light; clearly labeled, color-coded terminals for easy set-up • Measures approximately 4-4/5 by 9-2/5 by 11-4/5 inches; 3-year limited warranty