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Deluxe Field Solar-Pak 6

Item #DBS_302380


The Deluxe Field Solar-Pak 6 is a solar-powered electric fence charger. It is laser-trimmed, has computer precision, and solid-state circuitry providing reliable and strong low-impedance shock. The shock comes from free energy from the sun and eliminates the need for battery replacement. The panels continue to charge even on cloudy days and completely weatherproof for outdoor use.

  • Built-in performance meter
  • Operates 21 days in total darkness
  • Weatherproof, outdoor model
  • Ideal for small to medium pastures
  • Complete with sealed rechargable 6-volt battery
  • UL Listed
  • 100% American made
  • Range: 25-Miles
  • Joules low: 0.75
  • Joules high: 1.6+
  • Power source: 6V Solar/Battery
  • Fence voltage- Open circuit: 9,000
  • Fence voltage- 500 ohm: 2,650
  • Recommended for:
    • Cattle
    • Horses
    • Pigs
    • Dogs