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Atv Tire At25 X 8-12 Nhs

Item #DBS_907079


TIRE ONLY; Rim sold separately. All Kenda ATV tires have been designed to be puncture resistant, not only in the tread area, but also the side wall. Each tire has also been compounded with a special tear and snag resistant material that not only extends tread life, but protects the tire against punctures from sharp objects as well. Most of our ATV tires feature a built-in rim guard that protects your rim and keeps dirt from wedging between the tire and the rim. Non-highway use only. The Kenda Bearclaw features angled knobs to do dig into the terrain for maximum traction and a 6 ply rated extra-tough casing to resist punctures. The center lugs provide extra traction and better control; the built-in rim guard protects your wheel from dings and dents. 6 ply rating; 340 lbs. load capacity. Tubeless.