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Bonide Duster Applicator Squeeze Bottle 10oz

Item #DBS_966265


Convenient, effective and re-usable. This squeeze/puffer duster is all thats needed to apply dust preparations to plants and pets.

  • Unscrew cap and remove any liner present.
  • Fill no more than 1/2 full with any garden dust type product.
  • Replace the cap onto the bottle, and remove the small cap at the tip of the duster nozzle.
  • Shake occasionally to fluff powder.
  • Aim duster at target and apply by squeezing in short, sharp intervals.
  • Be sure to get complete and thorough coverage of all plant parts, including stems and both the tops and undersides of foliage.
  • Apply directly to any visible insects when possible.
  • Please read and follow all pesticide product label directions prior to use.
  • Return any unused product to its original container.
Read full product label instructions before use.