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Camp Chef Deluxe BBQ Grill Box 90 Accessory BB90L

Item #DBS_934109


The Barbecue Grill Box will convert flame to inferred heat, evenly heating the cast iron grates so your meat is seared to perfection. The grease drippings are vaporized to infuse your food with a rich barbecue flavor. The lid has a built in temperature gauge for convenience.

Additional Info

FEATURES Cast iron grill grates Specially designed heat diffuser plates turn flame into infrared heat and instantly vaporizes grease drippings Fits all Camp Chef 16" stoves Lid damper valve helps control heat and smoke while sealing in the flavor Built-in temperature gauge Hinged Lid and lid handle for convenient opening and latch locks lid and grates down for transportation Out of the box ready to cook in seconds True Seasoned Finish cast iron grill grate holds the heat and sears the meat SPECIFICATIONS Cooking Dimensions: 24 in. x 16 in. Total Cooking Area: 384 sq. in. Overall Dimensions: 24 in. x 16 in. x 8 in. Overall Weight: 33 lbs.