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Clear Eyes for Horses 4oz

Item #DBS_275388


Help your horse see clearly with Clear Eyes. This sterile eye-care solution relieves irritation caused by dirt, dust and wind. Consumer to verify label information before using product. -Irrigating solution relieves discomfort caused by foreign objects, dust, dirt or wind -Provides daily eye-care for horses, gently flushing away foreign matter -Soothes, cleanses and brightens eyes -Formulated in an aqueous base that blends with the natural fluids of the eye -Gentle formula can be used on sensitive eyes Directions for Use Remove top of cap and direct tip of spout toward the center of the eye. Hold eyelid open with thumb and forefinger, then squeeze bottle releasing sufficient liquid to flush the eye thoroughly. Wipe off any excess with a clean, dry cloth. Repeat treatment daily for best results.