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Clovite Conditioner 5LB - SPECIAL ORDER IN STORES

Item #DBS_323848


Clovite Conditioner 5LB CLOVITE® CONDITIONER VITAMIN SUPPLEMENT FOR ALL SPECIES OF ANIMALS DOSING AND ADMINISTRATION SUGGESTED USAGE: Young Foals and Weanlings: 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls daily. Brood Mares: (latter half of pregnancy and lactation) 2 tablespoonfuls twice a day. Ponies: 1 tablespoonful daily. Colts, Stallions and Horses in Training: 1 tablespoonful per 400 lb daily. All Farm Animals: 1 to 3 lb to each 100 lb feed. Mature Cattle: (milking or on full feed) 1 to 3 lb to each 100 lb feed. Many dairymen prefer adding a handful to each feeding. Feedlot operators simply top off feed with the prescribed amount of Clovite. Calves: (bucket fed) 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls daily in milk or ground feed. Range Cattle: Supplemental feeding is simplified by mixing with salt - 1 part to 10 parts salt, or 2 1/2 lb to 25 lb salt. (These calculations are based on normal consumption of 1/4 lb of salt per day by a 1,000 lb cow and 1/8 lb per day by a 400 lb steer.) To prevent the oxidation that tends to destroy all Vitamin A compounds on prolonged exposure, mix only the amount normally consumed in a 3-week period. Poultry: 1 lb to each 100 lb feed. Baby Pigs: 3% of the creep-feed. Dogs and Cats: 1 level teaspoonful per each 10 lb of body weight daily. This dosage should be doubled for growing pups and kittens, lactating animals and animals in the last half of pregnancy. Dosage may be varied as prescribed by the veterinarian. Mink: 1 level teaspoonful daily.