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DuraFense Paste for Calves 30gm

Item #DBS_1032955


DuraFense Paste contains host specific direct fed microorganisms, as well as high quality bovine colostrum and egg based functional proteins. DuraFense is recommended to be used as a colostrum supplement where colostrum deficiency is suspected. For use on newborn beef and dairy calves, and cattle.
  • For Beef and Dairy Calves – wide margin of safety and efficacy
  • Contains a high level of bovine colostrum – supplement whenever colostrum deficiency is suspected
  • Contains host specific DFM’s – essential to establish normal gut microflora
  • Egg based functional proteins – aids in the digestive gut balance whenever the following are present: E. coli, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Coronavirus or Clostridia
Feed 15 gm on the back of the tongue. Feed 30 gm for severe conditions. Repeat as necessary.