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DuraLyte Calf Paste Supplement 30gm

Item #DBS_1032956


DuraLyte Calf Paste contains a host specific source of live, viable direct fed microorganisms as well as electrolytes and Montmorillonite clay for digestive supplementation. Can be used as adjunct therapy with antibiotics or in conjunction with DuraZyme Paste. For newborn beef and dairy calves, and cattle.

  • For Beef and Dairy Calves – wide range of safety in all classes of cattle
  • Contains Montmorillonite clay – a special type of clay known for its effectiveness in binding toxins which can slow the onslaught of scours
  • Contains host specific DFM’s – essential to establish normal gut microflora
  • Contains Electrolytes – used to replace essential minerals lost during scours
Feed 15 gm on the back of the tongue. Feed 30 gm for severe conditions. Repeat as necessary.