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Duramate Paste 30gm

Item #DBS_1032954


PREVENT DuraMate Calf is an economical product designed to be used on every newborn or incoming calf. Contains bovine specific probiotics to aid in digestive colonization with beneficial bacteria. Also includes essential vitamins and electrolytes to aid in the digestion process. Use for newborn beef and dairy calves, and cattle.
  • For Beef and Dairy Calves – wide spectrum of safety
  • Economically priced – provides every calf a chance to get started right
  • Contains five essential enzymes – aids in breaking down complex proteins to amino acids that can be utilized by the calf for nutrient absorption
  • Contains fat-soluble vitamins – produced in an emulsified form, allows the vitamins to reach peak blood levels faster • Contains host specific probiotics – aids in digestive health
Feed 15 gm on the back of the tongue. Feed 30 gm for severe conditions. Repeat as necessary.