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DuraZyme Paste for Calves 30gm

Item #DBS_1032953


MAXIMUM STRENGTH DuraZyme Paste for Calves maximum strength formulation containing egg based functional proteins designed for use in all newborn beef and dairy calves. Containing a special formulation of lactic acid-producing bacteria, dried milk protein, lactase enzymes and dried egg solids to aid in fighting disease, minimize intestinal infections and enhance appetite and digestion. Use for newborn beef and dairy calves, and cattle.
  • Proven product with proven results!
  • For Beef and Dairy Calves – wide spectrum of safety and activity
  • Ideal for use in stressed and weak calves – single dose ensuring proper dosage
  • Safe to use as adjunct therapy – can be administered with antibiotics
  • Helps establish gut flora – minimizes intestinal infections and aids in digestion
Feed 15 gm on the back of the tongue. Feed 30 gm for severe conditions. Repeat as necessary.