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Husqvarna XP+ 2-Stroke Oil 2.6 oz

Item #DBS_984850


Husqvarna XP+ 2-Stroke Oil has been engineered to maximize your engine’s performance. Formulated with premium additives, and semi-synthetic base oils, Husqvarna XP+ has been tested and approved for use in all Husqvarna 2-Stroke engines. Husqvarna XP+ is JASO-FD certified. The formula has the perfect balance of engine lubricant, detergent, and exhaust output. The Husqvarna XP+ low smoke formulation is engineered to ensure the most economical operating temperature and prevent premature engine bearing failures.

  • VEF (Verified Engine Formula)
  • JASO-FD certified
  • Low smoke
  • Low operating temperature
  • Contains fuel stabilizer
  • 2.6 oz bottle will mix with one gallon of gasoline