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Iron-100 Injectable 100mL

Item #DBS_298652


Iron-100 (Iron Hydrogenated Dextran Injection) is a sterile, injectable solution for the prevention and treatment of anemia due to iron deficiency in baby pigs.
  • Reduces losses due to iron deficiency
  • Helps achieve optimum levels of iron necessary for good growth and overall good health
  • Safe
  • Quick absorption
  • Good syringe-ability
For intramuscular injection only.
  • Prevention: 1 mL ( 100 mg iron) at 2 to 4 daysof age.
  • Treatment: 1 mL (100 mg iron). Treatment may be repeated in 10 days.
NOTICE: Organic iron preparations injected intramuscularly into pigs beyond 4 weeks of age may cause staining of muscle tissue. See product packaging for additional information.