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Laser Sheen® Shine & Detangler Concentrate 12oz

Item #DBS_291678


Give your horse the beauty and attention it deserves with Laser Sheen Dazzling Shine and Detangler. Show-stopping high gloss formula produces a radiant shine, while detangling manes and tails. Also repels dust, dirt, and stains. This polish enhances your horses coat, giving a beautiful glow. Manes and tails become soft and silky, never sticky or oily. One application lasts up to a full week. Gentle enough for sensitive skin.

  • Repels dust, dirt, and stains to cut grooming time in half
  • Wont make hair brittle and minimizes breakage
  • Detangles manes and tails, leaving them shinier and more manageable
  • This concentrated mixture will make up to a gallon of ready-to-use product
  • Shake well.
  • Dilution rates are as follows:
    ONE QUART: 3 ounces concentrate to 29 ounces water.
    ONE-HALF GALLON: 6 ounces concentrate to 58 ounces water.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For desired results, mix exactly according to label dilution rates. Too much Laser Sheen Concentrate may produce a sticky or gummy film. Too little will produce a watery product that will not give your horse that beautiful Laser Sheen gloss. Ready-to-use Laser Sheen may be made in large quantities, stored in a closed container, then shaken and poured into a bottle with sprayer.