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Leather New® Easy-Polishing Glycerine Saddle Soap 16oz

Item #DBS_1036513


Keep your leather tack looking like new with Leather New® Easy-Polishing Glycerine Saddle Soap. The original self-polishing saddle soap cleans, softens and shines your leather in one easy step! Cleans, softens and renews leather, leaving a long-lasting shine. Removes imbedded dirt and grime while replacing natural oils deep down in the leather. Just spray it on and rub it in. Use after every ride. -Makes leather look like new with a single application -Simultaneously cleans, conditions and polishes -Removes imbedded dirt and grime -Replaces natural oils deep down in leather, and dries to a long-lasting shine -Protects and preserves the color and texture of leather, making it supple with a polished finish -Gentle enough for use after every ride -Will not dull or stain -No oily residue - will not rub off on riding pants Directions for Use First remove all dust and dirt from the leather with a soft brush or vacuum. Then spray Leather New directly onto the leather. NOTE: Do not allow Leather New to run. Use a soft, dry cloth to rub the liquid well into the leather. Be sure to use a cloth with enough nap to reach down into stitches and carving. Rub thoroughly until foam disappears. Then polish with a clean, dry cloth. Also use Leather New on wet leather to prevent stiffening. Use it on stiff leather to soften it and prevent cracking.