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Rhino Bronze CD7242XGL Safe

Item #DBS_1035472


This heavy-duty Rhino CD safe has the revolutionary patented F-4 lock system and high-end protection with two layers of 5/8 inch fireboard in the walls, floor, door, and three layers in the ceiling. It has large door bolts (1.25 in Diameteriameter), and four-sided protection (16 Bolts total).

Security, Style, and Function

  • 12 gauge composite door
  • Heavy duty 12 gauge formed steel body<.li>
  • 80 minutes of portection at 1400°
  • 5-spoke vault style handle
  • Sargent and Greenleaf EMP Resistant UL Listed Lock
  • Weight: 950 lbs
  • Dimensions: Height 72 in x Weight 42 in x Dimension 27 in