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Purina Start And Grow Medicated Crumble Check Feed 25-Lbs

Item #DBS_1040426


The Purina Start & Grow Medicated Chick Feed is 18% crumble and given as feed the moment the chicks hatch. It provides your chicks with a strong start and enhances early hen development. From day one to week 18, when they are ready to start laying, with the feed that supports their digestive health and immune function. The crumble aids in protection against coccidiosis.

  • Protein: 18%
  • Fat: 3%
  • Fiber: 5%
  • Weight: 25-lbs

Feeding Directions

Feed to layer chicks from day one through 18 weeks old and as at least 90 percent of the chick’s diet.

Transition to layer feed at 18 weeks old.

Keep feeders clean and full at all times. Make sure there is fresh, clean water available at all times. Always offer free-choice oyster shell and grit in separate containers.