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Stihl Professional Straight-Shaft Trimmer FS 70 R

Item #DBS_986225


This model has a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, meaning longer run times and more efficient work. It will become your trusted, go-to trimmer. The front handle is looped and adjustable; you can fix it to your comfort. The heavy-duty steel-on-steel clutch is designed to reduce slippage. The spark plug and muffler are shielded, reducing emissions and the noise level.

  • Shoulder strap
  • Adjustable front handle
  • Fully lined drive shaft
  • High tech polymer housing
  • Protected choke lever and knob
  • Throttle trigger interlock
  • Air filter cover
  • Protected control cables, spark plug, and spark arrestor muffler
  • Heavy-duty steel-on-steel clutch
  • Upright translucent fuel tank
  • Purge pump primer