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Synergized Delice GAL

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Synergized Delice GAL SYNERGIZED DELICE® - POUR-ON INSECTICIDE FOR CATTLE, SHEEP, AND THEIR PREMISES ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Permethrin: 3-(phenoxyphenyl)methyl (±)-cis, trans-3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl-2, 2-dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate* - 1.0% Piperonyl Butoxide Technical** - 1.0% OTHER INGREDIENTS*** - 98.0% *cis/trans ratio: Min 35% (±) cis and max 65% (±) trans **Equivalent to Min 0.8% (butylcarbityl)(6-propylpiperonyl) ether and 0.2% related compounds. ***Contains petroleum distillates DIRECTIONS FOR USE: It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. READY TO USE - No dilution necessary. CATTLE: Lactating and Non-Lactating Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle and Calves • Targets: LICE, Horn flies, Face flies, Aids in Control of Horse flies, Stable flies, House flies, Mosquitoes and Black flies • Dosage: Apply 1/2 fl oz (15 cc) per 100 lbs body weight of animal up to a maximum of 5 fl oz for any one animal. • Pour-On: Pour correct dose along back and down face. • Ready to Use Sprayer: Use undiluted in a mist sprayer to apply correct dose. Apply directly to neck, face, back, legs, and ears. • Back Rubber Use: Mix 1 pint per gallon #2 diesel or mineral oil. Keep rubbing device charged. Results improved by daily forced use. SHEEP • Targets: Sheep keds, LICE • Dosage: Pour along back. Apply 1/4 fl oz (7.5 cc) per 50 lbs body weight of animal, up to a maximum of 3 fl oz for any one animal. • For optimum control, all animals in the flock should be treated after shearing. PREMISES, PENS & KENNELS: In and around Horse, Beef, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, and Poultry premises; Animal Hospital Pens/Kennels and “outside” Meat Processing Premises. • Targets: House flies, Stable flies, Face flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Black Flies, Fleas, Little House flies (fannia spp). Aids in control of cockroaches, ants, spiders, crickets • Application Instructions: For use as a ready-to-use spot spray or premise spray, use undiluted in a mist sprayer. Apply directly to surface to leave a residual insecticidal coating, paying particular attention to areas where insects crawl or alight. One gallon will treat approximately 7,300 square feet. For cattle and sheep, repeat treatment as needed, but not more often than once every two weeks. For optimum lice control, two treatments at a 14-day interval are recommended. Special Note: SYNERGIZED DELICE Insecticide is not effective in controlling cattle grubs. SYNERGIZED DELICE Insecticide is an oil-based, ready-to-use product, that may leave an oily appearance on the hair coat of some animals. SYNERGIZED DELICE Insecticide should be used in an integrated pest management system which may involve repeat treatments and the use of other pest control practices. CAUTIONS: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN EPA Reg. No. 773-72 EPA Est. No. 618-LA-1 PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS: HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND DOMESTIC ANIMALS CAUTION: Harmful if absorbed through skin. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Prolonged or frequently repeated skin contact may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: This product is extremely toxic to fish and other aquatic invertebrates. Do not add directly to water, or to areas where surface water is present, or to intertidal areas below the mean high water mark. Do not contaminate water by disposing of equipment washwaters. Apply this product only as specified on the label. PHYSICAL OR CHEMICAL HAZARDS: Do not use or store near heat or open flame. FIRST AID: If In Eyes • Hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. • Call a physician or poison control center for treatment advice. If On Skin Or Clothing • Take off contaminated clothing. • Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. • Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. If Swallowed • Call poison control center or doctor immediately for treatment advice. • Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by the poison control center or doctor. • Do not give any liquid to the person. • Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If Inhaled • Move person to fresh air. • If person is not breathing, call 911 or an ambulance, then give artificial respiration, preferably mouth-to-mouth, if possible. • Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. HOT LINE NUMBER: Have the product container or label with you when calling a poison control center or doctor or going for treatment. You may also contact the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center at 1-303-595-4869 for emergency medical treatment information. Note to Physician: Contains petroleum distillates. Vomiting may cause aspiration pneumonia STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Do not contaminate water, food, or feed by storage or disposal. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Pesticide Disposal: Wastes resulting from the use of this product may be disposed of on site or at an approved waste disposal facility. Container Disposal: Triple rinse (or equivalent). Then offer for recycling or reconditioning, or puncture and dispose of in a sanitary landfill or incineration, or if allowed by State and local authorities, by burning. If burned, stay out of smoke.