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Tire/wheel 4.1/3.5-4 Handtruck

Item #DBS_907063


For nearly 70 years Martin Wheel has provided quality products at a competitive price. Well keep you rolling whether youre at work or play! This wheel is designed to be a quality, long-lasting product to provide you with the greatest amount of performance and satisfaction at a great value. Our tough 4 ply rating tube type sawtooth tire is mounted on a welded steel wheel with an industrial ball bearing hub. This is the most popular general purpose pneumatic wheel used on hand trucks and roll-around equipment. Complete tire AND wheel assembly. Silver paint. Hub Length: 2-1/4 inch offset | Bore: 5/8-inch ball bearing. 300 lbs. load capacity. Best replacement wheel assembly for a hand truck, dolly, wagon or general purpose use. Non-highway use only.