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Titan Telescoping Flagpole Kit 20ft

Item #DBS_1036268


Easy installation, low maintenance, and all the visual impact. This heavy-duty flagpole is built to do the job of a traditional one but with a more accessible design. The telescoping pole easily extends and retracts section by section and fits into a base that’s cemented in place. Bad weather forecasted? Take it down to store it away. The flag clips on, so no ropes or pulleys needed—and no knots or tangles. Telescopes out to 20-feet. Black/Bronze colored pole.

  • Patented interlocking sleeve mechanism makes it easy to extend and retract the pole
  • With 12 gauge wall thickness at the base and a full foot of overlap at each joint allows, the pole is rated for winds up to 95 mph.
  • Swivel ring clips allow flags to fly "freely" 360 degrees around the pole, reducing the amount of wrapping or tangling.
  • Pole comes pre-assembled and ready to extend.
  • Easy installation. Typically takes 45-75 minutes.
  • Made in the USA
Telescoping Flagpole with hardware to fly 2 flags, Premium Nylon 4x6 US Flag, 3" Gold Ball Topper, & Ground Sleeve for installation. Limited 5-Year Warranty.