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STIHL Power Equipment

STIHL® is committed to developing powerful, fuel-efficient outdoor power equipment. It is the reason STIHL® is the leading chainsaw brand, and the reason D&B Supply is proud to be a STIHL® dealer.

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STIHL® Leaf Blowers

STIHL® Weed Trimmers and Brush Cutters

How a STIHL® Chainsaw is Built

STIHL® chainsaws have a reputation for being hardworking and dependable. It’s a reputation earned over decades of innovative German engineering and quality American manufacturing.

Watch as STIHL® builds a chainsaw at its Virginia Beach, VA facility. Using strict quality control standards and skilled technicians, STIHL® builds each chainsaw with pride and precision.

From raw materials to packaging and shipping, STIHL® saws are crafted using quality components – many of which are also made onsite. Best of all, each chainsaw is started and tested before it leaves the facility.

STIHL® Chainsaws

STIHL® Lubricants, Fuels & Oils

STIHL® Cordless Power Equipment